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Funding the Cooperative City – Central Europe

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funding eu

“Funding the Cooperative City in Central Europe” explores, promotes and assists experiments in organising and establishing new community spaces and services in cities in Central Europe. After a series of workshops organised in Rotterdam, Berlin and Paris, the project aims at moving to Central Europe: through a series of events in the Visegrad countries, we will complete the creation of a Europe-wide network of experimental initiatives that introduces new ways to finance and organise community spaces and services.

To read more about this initiative, follow this link



Future Jamboree in Wroclaw (15-17.10.2016)

festival Jambot

Very interesting meeting organised in the framework of ECoC Wroclaw 2016 just a few days before our Conference. A Future Jamboree – dedicated to social innovators. Organisers want to gather people from all over the world who have fresh ideas on how to improve lives of people living in the cities.

Read about Future Jamboree

Highly recommended meeting!


R-URBAN or how to co-produce a resilient city

‘Saving’ the city: Collective low-budget organising and urban practice

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Very interesting study by Constantin Petcou and Doina Petrescu

Read R Urban study in practice


Learning by doing in Buiksloterham

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ams learning ...

„Taken together, cities are jointly responsible for the consumption of 75% of the planet’s natural resources and produce 60–80% of all greenhouse gas emissions. There is an urgent need for circular cities. Given this fact, the municipality of Amsterdam has earmarked the Buiksloterham district as a Living Lab for the circular city. On 5 March, the parties involved* signed the ‘Circular Buiksloterham’ manifesto”.
To read more about the latest activities of the Amserdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions follow this link.



Trans Local Act

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trans local art

This publication gathers many different approaches on resilient cities and new urban policies. We wish to draw your attention especially to the articles written by Constantin Petcou “RHIZOMATIC AND TRANS-LOCAL CULTURE (p.229) and by  Doina Petrescu “GARDENERS OF THE COMMON” (p.317).

Read Trans Local Act


The EU Urban Agenda

znd citie forum

Very interesting is also to look back to June 2015, when the European Commission organised a public consultation on the EU Urban Agenda. The outcomes were presented during the 2nd European CITIES Forum, in Brussels.

Read Press release



Joint communication to the european parliament and the council

Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations

announcement EU

Take a look at the newly announced Communication by the European Commission.



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