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ENCC currently represents over 3 000 cultural centres in at least 15 countries, with more than 15 000 employees, thousands of volunteers and 40 million visitors per year. It has been selected by the European Commission as one of the 22 networks representing the Arts and cultural sector in Europe for 2014-2017. ENCC is organising diverse events contributing to the professional development of its members, the structuring of the sector, the development of cooperation and innovation at a European level: Travelling academy, BECC Staff exchange programme, Short Cuts conferences, etc. Among the network’s working topics : Arts & Culture, Education and Life long learning, Territorial development, Digital dynamics.

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Gminny Ośrodek Kultury Oleśnica (Community Culture Centre of Oleśnica, Poland) conducts education, animation and artistic activities in 25 village culture centers (assembly halls), facilitating 26 artistic groups (16 folk ensembles, 12 youth groups). The Culture Centre was proceeding a strategy for development (2011-2015) and initiated or participated in several international projects and trainings (mostly supported by EU Funds, Swiss Contribution projects, Visegrad Fund, Polish Ministry of Culture, National Centre for Culture, Polish American Freedom Foundation) focused on improving competences of local leaders, intercultural learning, increasing cooperation. Nearly all of them are focused on intercultural learning, improving competences of local leaders, overcoming prejudices, and international trainings for staff members. All those factors are leading community towards participatory governance,  by implementing field work methods: researches of needs and potentials + supporting inhabitants by mini grants for activation in open calls, dedicated to improving competences and skills in self-organizing local cultural life.

The Community Culture Centre is a Full Member of the ENCC network. The Center is networking on 3 levels: European (ENCC), Regional in Poland (with several culture centers), and a Local/Oleśnica level (network of a satellite assembly halls). Community Culture Centre of Oleśnica together with ENCC network undertake many actions which main aims are to provide knowledge, gain creativity, entrepreneurship, assist and connect artists, youth workers, individuals to be more active and act in the local, rural and metropolitan environment. Community Culture Center of Oleśnica takes part in many international debates and conferences, where the workshops/open space topics are related to enhance the policy making for culture, strengthening the networking, sharing expertise, e.g. conferences of “Creative Scotland”, Shortcut Europe – ENCC conferences, Global/Intercontinental conferences of International Council for Cultural Centers I3C in order to develop the Intercontinental Network “CULTURA VIVA!”, Global Symposium on Creating a Cultural, Diverse and Artistic City in Deagu, South Korea or “Voices of Culture” process – a structured dialogue between Cultural Sector and European Commission.

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Wrocław 2016 has created open, dynamic and friendly spaces to respond to the need for more contact with culture and arts. We’re participating in a complex process in which both actions and their reception matter, because we need opinions to shape the programme. We use many models – our cultural heritage, multiculturalism and openness – but also an awareness of innovation and the need for sustainable development. This process transforms the city, proving that all activities are possible. It’s transformative for us, and becomes an investment in our future. Wrocław 2016 means a process. A diversity of autonomous curators and of cultural environments. Building together a programme and a chance to participate in it. And finally – it means many ways of understanding culture, and also of undertaking the shared task of developing through it.

Website: wroclaw2016.pl
About the city of Wrocław: wroclaw.pl

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“Wandering Forum of Culture Lower Silesia” is a cultural network which operates since 2012 in southwestern Poland, Lower Silesia region with the capital at Wrocław. The Forum currently consists of nearly 20 cultural institutions, freelancers, professionals, animators, university researchers, non-governmental organisations. The network collaborates with European cultural networks, including the ENCC. The Wandering Forum aim is to build a space for voluntary actions and ongoing development of involved partners around jointly defined objectives, open to the needs of the cultural sector in small local communities (mostly rural, semi-rural, and medium-sized agglomerations). The Secretary office of the network is in the Community Culture Center of Oleśnica (Gminny Ośrodek Kultury Oleśnica) and the Secretary general is Piotr Michałowski.