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Thanks to a huge commitment of our conference’s participants, and to our OPEN SPACE participatory format we have collected many ideas, insights, recommendations, which were gathered in a one place, just click below:

Manifesto Piktochart (prepared by Dagna Gmitrowicz).

One of the main aims of the Manifesto is to call on culture as one of the most important catalysts for the empowerment of local communities in fostering territorial development. The recently released UNESCO “Global Report, Culture: Urban Future” points clearly that “culture lies at the heart of urban renewal and innovation”. The UNESCO report complements the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our Manifesto, created within this context, will focus on coherent territorial development through culture. The Manifesto is directed to regional, national and european stakeholders.

How to join and comment?

Go on the interactive Piktochart on which we uploaded the Manifesto
Below each topic/section you will find a RED ARROWS inviting to click – and by clicking, you can add your comment. It’s very simple. You can comment on the Manifesto at the bottom of the page. YOU CAN ADD COMMENTS AS WELL in POLISH!

Draft of the MANIFESTO was presented in the ECoC Wrocław 2016 Regional Conference (22-23.11.2016). As it was written by one of our conference participants “Big ideas begin with small steps”. And we believe it also! A follow up on the manifesto work-in-progress will be available constantly on the ENCC website – whenever you would feel like adding some comments, feel free! Added value: thanks to our conference discussions, we will reach out for cooperation with forthcoming ECoC’s in Europe (especially on the territorial development level).

The Manifesto drafting process will be followed-up by the Hildesheim Travelling Academy, 08-10 of February 2017.



Towards 2020 European Regional development


What are the ongoing transformations within the European territories? What reorganizations are to be imagined, on a local, European or global scale, to contribute to the development of resilient, sustainable territories, in interaction with today’s challenges and world? What are the roles of cultural operators and stakeholders in these challenges? The conference, organised in partnership by ENCC, Wroclaw 2016 European Capital of Culture and Community Culture Center of Oleśnica will be structured on working groups that will explore the diverse dimensions of the proposed topics:

  • Urban and rural territories; the role of cultural practices to imagine new forms of complementarity;
  • Territories as ‘commons’: new strategies for citizens empowerment and the role of cultural stakeholders ;
  • Creative territories: the role of cultural practices to sustain imagination, initiative, capacities and leadership.
  • New economic models for smart territories: how to imagine monetary and non-monetary forms of exchange in order to sustain territorial development, entrepreunership and new business models.

Each working group will be organised using an Open Space methodology meant to sustain debate and exchange of good practices between diverse local and European stakeholders from various points of view. The outcome of this process will be the production of a shared Manifesto / declaration on the link between culture and territorial development, to be used as an advocacy support. ECoC Wrocław 2016 will organize a summary conference in November 2016, where the outcomes of the conference will be disseminated.

The meeting will also aim at fostering cooperation and networking between local actors  from Lower Silesia and moreover Poland and European stakeholders;


Community Culture Center of Oleśnica
European Network of Cultural Centres
European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016
Wandering Forum of Culture Lower Silesia